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  Graffinity's Fragment Based Drug Discovery Process
Graffinity has pioneered an efficient fragment based drug discovery paradigm that enables rapid hit identification and development of diverse novel quality leads and drug candidates.
Our technology team has developed this unique fragment based drug discovery platform which has been in routine use since 2003 for both external customers as well as in-house programs.
Our partners are beening supported by a highly professional project management team.
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New window Elements of the technology
  Graffinity Discovery Process 
Design & Synthesis Array Production Fingerprinting / fragment screening Data Analysis Hit Evolution
1. Design & Synthesis 2. Array Production 3. Fingerprinting /
    fragment screening
4. Data Analysis 5. Hit Evolution

The 5 elements of the discovery process
1. Design & Synthesis Design of fragment and leadlike molecules and high throughput synthesis followed by rigorous QC of the
    final compounds.
2. Array production Parallel production of chemical microarrays using proprietary, highly defined surface chemistry
3. Fingerprinting / fragment screening Rapid  detection of protein interactions  with 110,000 small molecules via SPR
4. Data analysis Interaction data are combined with physicochemical compound data to interprete array results and to guide hit
    evolution chemistry
5. Hit evolution Soluble, untagged compounds are synthesized and further optimized by medchem approaches

More Information:
For details of the process see separate document: External Link Elements of technology
  Paradigm     Answers
Graffinity’s paradigm provides answers to crucial questions at the earliest possible stage of the drug discovery process:
• Is the biological target druggable?
• How rich is the selection of novel molecules?
• Do our fragments give us novelty?
• Can we mix-and-match novel fragments with known compounds to rapidly develop SAR to get faster to the clinic?

In other words – the Graffinity process allows for early and cost-effective go/no-go decisions.
The complete process integrates in vitro biochemistry with in vivo pharmacology and pharmacokinetics at the earliest possible stage, and harnesses structural biology, computational chemistry, and medicinal chemistry in a powerfully synergistic drug discovery cycle. Our fragment based drug discovery process has generated remarkable successes.
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Graffinity process
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